Winter coming to an end

Mar 29, 2019

The end of winter in the Park is approaching, the Weather is becoming more mild with more sun every day. We already have had the first babies born in the Park. Plus we have a new worker, experienced in animal sustainability who came to the Park yesterday. He is planning to work here for 2 years, sharing his experience.

Bison from Denmark

Mar 28, 2019

Twelve bison in the Ditlevsdal Bison Farm started their quarantine yesterday. A month from now they will be ready to travel to Pleistocene Park. More news to come.

New Website

Mar 25, 2019

After many years we have finally renovated Pleistocene Park website. Now we have a modern design with the website connected to social networks and direct links to the websites for the Pleistocene Park foundation and the North-East Scientific Station. We want to express special thanks to Dan Tavelli for creating this website. It is a great help to us.